Meraki-Paris is a bridal label , created by Hilda Chazelle-Saucedo. Which highlights the idea of a modern vision of weddings. A bridal outfit that reflects your personal style and feels right for you.

With a French heart and Mexican blood, this young designer has always been immersed in the world of bridal fashion, with a family Atelier and bridal multibrand shops in Mexico. 


Meraki-Paris is a Slow Fashion Label. Pieces are made by upcycling the highest quality materials from overproduction stocks, or organic fabrics, working with responsibly and ethically managed factories and engagig to use sustainable option for packing. All the collections are Designed and manufactured in Paris.

Meraki-Paris is an eco- friendly brand that focuses on creating chic and effortless pieces for the modern woman.


The Showroom

Hilda welcomes you in her showroom at 4eme Arrondisement in Paris by appointment.
A tailor-made and personalized service for each of  her brides.